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You have spent hundreds of thousands on acquiring social engagement, now what?
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Social Chat enables you to run live shopping events directly on your site - bring in all your audience acquired across channels!
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Start live streaming with a 1-click Shopify app install - seamless integration with your cart, product feed and images
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Automatically create brand accounts for users with each live session signup and start collecting first-party data
Product add-to-cart embedded in the live stream page
Enable live engagement, add-to-cart, and checkout directly during live sessions
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Events recordings can be repurposed as UGC testimonials and boost SEO
A happy customer satisfied with her live shopping experience
Extensive post-event analytics capture details on users who buy, like, and comment during events, and deliver customized email outreach after the event
Detailed dashboard analytics offered by Social Chat

Trusted by pioneering brands

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Chart of engagement increases from using Social Chat
25%+ RSVP rate
15-40% Add to cart rate
32% Account signup rate