Convert Engagement to Revenue

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Engaging your customers has never been this easy

Social Chat allows you to interact with customers as if they are shopping in store. This enables brands to provide real time suggestions and recommendations. Customers can also interact with your brand and other shoppers in real time.
Add to cart rate
Significant increase in add to cart and checkout rates
Account sign-up rate
Build your customer database directly from livestream events
Content & data ownership
Powerful analytics to help you understand the path to purchase

Seamless Integration with your Store

1-click installation for Shopify stores, no engineering effort required. Sync seamlessly with your shopping cart and product catalog. Users can checkout directly from livestream events.

Why Social Chat
Build communities that convert to customers
While you can build a community on social networks, you'll never own your audience or control your brand. With Social Chat, you own your audience on your site, build your community, engage and eventually convert them to customers.
5x higher conversions with direct checkout
Live streams naturally create a sense of urgency to purchase. With Social Chat, users can add products to cart and checkout with just one click. The frictionless checkout experience delivers instant gratification and results in higher conversion rates.
Analytics and insights to power your marketing
Capture data on users who purchase, like or comment on products during live events. We help you use this data to deliver customized email outreach after the event, create audiences for ads and retarget users across channels.
The Challenge
Capture the intent to purchase by providing a seamless full funnel experience
Customers today demand instant gratification and have short attention spans, so an engaging and seamless purchase experience is essential in driving successful conversions.