How OneSkin Uses Education to Drive Revenue for its Longevity Product through Live Commerce

Oneskin's topical supplement sold via live shopping
New Customer Acquisition
Learn how OneSkin is using live commerce to educate existing and potential customers on the unique molecular properties of its longevity product, directly through its own website.
Founded by four scientists, OneSkin is the first skin longevity treatment that extends skin health on the molecular level to address aging from within.
OneSkin focuses on longevity as a holistic experience and creates brand loyalty and subscriptions through education and conversation. Prior to Social Chat the company used Instagram Live, where the ROI was very low, tracking conversions was incredibly difficult, and preparing for the events was tedious.
“Social Chat beats IG Live in spades.”
- Leslie Maurer, Brand Manager, OneSkin
OneSkin uses Social Chat as its main platform for customer-facing virtual events. Social Chat’s live commerce capabilities and direct add-to-cart function have enabled OneSkin an organic way to offer its existing or new customers the opportunity to purchase with a very low barrier.
“Social Chat has made planning, hosting, and sharing virtual events extremely streamlined and easy. The platform is incredibly straightforward and reliable. Once an event is created, it goes directly to the events page of our website, which helps us effortlessly keep our website relevant and up to date!”
- Leslie Maurer, Brand Manager, OneSkin
Strategy & Results
OneSkin relies on education to communicate the products’ longevity benefits on a molecular level. The company conducts events, using Social Chat’s multi-host livestream capabilities to curate conversations between one of its co-founders and longevity experts that communicate the holistic approach and benefits of longevity. The one click, direct add-to-cart function, during the live events, has lifted conversions that the company would not otherwise achieve through marketing. In addition, Social Chat offers on-site pop-ups to convert visitors to RSVP to the live events: the conversion rate was much higher than other pop-ups on the site including ones offering discounts. The ability to convert organic traffic via on-site pop-ups and live events enables OneSkin to obtain significant reductions in customer acquisition costs.

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